Wind Drift East Orchard, located northwest of Harrah, Oklahoma, 19400 NE 63rd, was established by Bill and Jann Spencer and opened in 1987. The orchards was designed and laid out to function as a U-Pick operation with a selection of early season, mid season, and late season peach and nectarine varieties suited for Oklahoma weather conditions and growing season. The variety selection included a a ripening sequence for peaches available from mid-June through August. The orchards was well received and enjoyed a reputation for beautiful, sweet peaches.


In 2013, under new ownership and Bill as manager, Wind Drift Orchard expanded to include the West Orchard, 18499 NE 50th Street. The West Orchards functions as a U-Pick orchard as well. Both orchards are in the process of being replanted with new, up-dated varieties in a high-density layout. The orchards are irrigated and cared for to keep trees pruned low for easy picking.


The West Orchards Customer Service area offers pre-picked peaches and fresh, frozen peaches throughout the season. The orchard enjoys a reputation for having a helpful and friendly staff and extends a cordial invitation to visit. Tour groups are invited to visit as well