🍑 2020 Season Update 🍑

Wind Drift Orchards’ timeslots for peach pickup are limited and filling up fast. Please be sure to check our website daily, early in the morning, for available timeslots. Thank you for your patience during this time – as always, we appreciate your business!

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Thank You

Thank you for your purchase of locally-grown fresh peaches, straight from the trees to you! We have 38 varieties of peaches and nectarines, all set to ripen at different times throughout the harvest season, mid-June through the beginning of September. There may be periods throughout the harvest season we are waiting on mother nature to ripen the peaches, achieving the necessary size, sugar content level, color and firmness that we have all come to love and enjoy.
With masks and gloves, we have picked the best ripened peaches from each producing tree, choosing firmer peaches that may need a day or two to finish ripening completely. We appreciate your patience and understanding on the difference a fresh-picked peach may look and taste from day to day as well as from year to year, even within the same variety. Thank you for all your support – we hope you enjoy the taste of summer!

The Wind Drift Orchards Team